Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

E-mail: helgeriin.kozlovski(at)


Born April 24th, 1995 in Rakvere, Estonia


2011-(2014)  Espoon yhteislyseon Upper Secondary School

2010-2011  Espoon yhteislyseon Comperhensive School

2008-2010 Armfeldin Comprehensive  School

2007-2008 Marian lower level comprehensive

2002-2007  Rakke Gûmnaasium

Work Experience

15.02.2011-   Suoramarkkinointi Mega Oy
16.05.2011     Task: Telemarketing

1.11.2010-      Päiväkoti Pellonpesä Oy
12.11.2010     Tasks: Helping children to put their clothes on,helping in the       kitchen, cleaning and playing with children

29.7.2010-      Live Promoters Oy
5.2.2011        Task: Negotiator

5.5.2010-       Helsingin Jakelu-expert Oy
11.8.2010      Task: Papergirl

1.6.2009-       Sinisen talon kahvio
3.7.2009        Task: Cleaning

08.04.2009-    Salo-Suorajakelu Oy
10.06.2009     Task: Papergirl

Language Skills

Estonia          mother tongue

Finnish            excellent

English          good

Swedish        satisfactory

German         basics


Reading, cinema, outdoor, traveling and gym.


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